Come and join us as volunteer at Bwindi Forest Farm!

Help in the plantation and learn about organic coffee farming. Help us develop our campsite for sustainable tourism. We build luxury huts, toilets, showers, terraces, hiking tracks, hideouts and a swimming lake from local organic materials. Or do your biology fieldwork study and help us determine how bio diverse Bwindi Forest Farm is! We can also arrange for you to help in the local school. And you are welcome to contact us for any idea of your own!


Tour includes:

  • Transport to and from Kampala to Bwindi Forest Farm
  • Team building in Lake Mburo National Park
  • Voulenteering at Bwindi Forest Farm (food included)
    • For example:
    • Build with local materials
    • Establish yoga platforms, trails, viewpoints, etc.
    • Help us with harvest of coffee berries
    • Teach at Karangara Primary School
  • Safari in the Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • PRICE USD 540

The price is per person by A team of minimum 9 people all but drinks included.

Volunteer stay at Bwindi Forest Farm 2018 – 2019

September 19th to October 9th, 2018. Harvest and “Campsite upgrade” 
Coffee beans are harvested twice a year at Bwindi Forest Farm. Main season is from mid August to early November. You can choose to pick coffee beans, weeding or desuckering coffee plants in this stay. Or you can help our campsite to become even better. It can be by making paths, stairs, cozy hangouts or places to sit and enjoy the view around the farm. If you prefer to teach, you can also do so. We work with the local school, Karangara Primary, where you are more than welcome as guest teacher.

November 21th to December 11th , 2018. Construction Camp
This time we build a platform in wood and thatch it with banana fibers. Participate and you will learn to build in wood using local teckniques of building without power tools.
Windows and doors are also fabricated on the spot, so come and learn a lot about building.

April 2nd to April 23th, 2019. Harvest and “Camp Site upgrade”
Look on top for description of stay. This time our plan of camp “upgrade” is to build a yoga platform with a view.

July 5th to 26th, 2019 Construction Camp
We want to build more round cottages in clay and wood. We build using local traditions, but in a modern touch on the design. The roof is covered with banana fiber. They are braided on round rods, carried by sticks laid from top to wall. A really beutiful looking technique of thatching

September 15th to October 6th 2019. Harvest and “farm upgrade”
Help with harvest and work on the farm. It may be to build new fencing for the pigs, weeding the coffee plantation, digging ditches for water catchment, or maintaining our road, etc.

You are offcourse welcome at Bwindi Forest Farm, also outside these dates. There is just no complete package deal, but there is always something to do and we also like to arrange safaris or other activities for you.
The stays can be combined with Gorilla trekking in Bwindi and mountain climbing on the Rwenzori Mountains, or white water rafting on the Nile