Come and join us as volunteer at Bwindi Forest Farm!

Help in the plantation and learn about organic coffee farming. Help us develop our campsite for sustainable tourism. We build luxury huts, toilets, showers, terraces, hiking tracks, hideouts and a swimming lake from local organic materials. Or do your biology fieldwork study and help us determine how bio diverse Bwindi Forest Farm is! We can also arrange for you to help in the local school. And you are welcome to contact us for any idea of your own!

Descriptions of your trip, stay, and work as volunteer

You are welcome to volunteer at Bwindi Forest Farm whenever it suits you and for how long or short time you prefer.

As volunteer you will participate in the dayli work on the farm (unless you have a wish to teach in the local school) Work hours are from 9am to 2pm, 6 days a week.

You will accommodate in your own tent, but in case you do not have a tent, you can borrow a tent with bedding at Bwindi Forest Farm.

Book your trip with us and we will make sure to bring you safe to and from the airport to Bwindi Forest Farm

This is thought to be an easy solution for you who does not want to struggle to find your way to Bwindi Forest Farm. We help you get on the right bus, and that you are transported by trusted people.

  • We will arrange for a representative to meet you at the airport and bring you to a hostel in Kampala. You can use your day in Kampala for shopping, sightseeing, relaxing or whatever you wish (this would be a good time for currency exchange since Bwindi Forest Farm is far away from any banks). Next morning you should be ready to take the bus at 6 am. We have arranged transport to the bus station.
  • IF you allready recide in Kampala. We will send a car to pick you from your address. Additional charges may occur compared to your location
  • The trip through Uganda’s fantastic green scenery lasts for about 10 hours. The bus passes through towns and cities where you will have the opportunity to buy snacks and water. You will be on the bus until the end of the route. From the bus you will be picked up by a motorcycle driver (Boda Boda). He will take you to Rwamiumbu, which is the nearest village to the farm. Since we do not have an access road you walk the rest of the way to the farm from the village. A couple of our workers will meet you in the village to show you the way and help carry baggage.
  • The next morning we will give you an introduction to Bwindi Forest Farm so you get to know the place and in the afternoon you can either relax or help out on the farm. The rest of your stay you will help out with whatever work needs to be done on Bwindi Forest Farm. This could be coffee harvesting, weeding, trimming, or fertilizing.
  • When your stay at Bwindi Forest Farm is over, we will make sure you get back to the main road where you will be transported back to the town where the bus leaves. Here you will spend the night at a lodge until the bus to Kampala leaves at 4 am. You will arrive in Kampala in the afternoon where our representative will once again meet you. You will be driven to a hostel near the airport where you can order a drop off to the airport.
  • You are, of course, welcome to extend you stay as long as you wish. You may also choose to find you own way to and from Bwindi Forest Farm.

Extension of your stay costs $15 per day. If you arrived on you own, the price will be $20 a day for the first week and $15 each day thereafter. If you would like go on safari during your stay we can arrange a trip for you to Queen Elizabeth Nation Park. You can also hire a guide if you would like to hike through Bwindi Forest National Park. Also you can have the amazing experience of tracking mountain gorillas, Batwa cultural experience, safari in Queen Eizabeth National Park, -Mburo National Park, Climbing Rwnzori Mountain, or White River Rafting at the Nile.