The Coffee experience.

Let us take you through the tale of coffee.

From planting a coffee tree to the black brew that get you up in the morning. A good cup of coffee starts on the coffee tree. But there are several processes of post harvesting handling that will influence the quality of your cup of coffee. Learn how coffee is produced at Bwindi Forest Farm. Prepare and roast your own bag of coffee from our berries. Taste our fresh coffee roasted on fire.

Monkey Buisness.

Monekeys are common in the park edge at Bwindi Forest Farm. Especially the curious Black And White Collobus spend much time observing the farm from the treetops. Blues Monkeys, Red Tailed Collobus, L´Hoest’s Monkeys together with Baboons are all daily visitors. On a good day we also have Chimpanzee snacking wild figs. We go for a small walk along the National Park and stop to look at the monkeys, animals and birds we meet. You can combine your Monkey Business walk with a taste of Bwindi Forest Farm coffee.

 Nocturnal hike.

What happens inside the forest at night?

Come with us for an early night walk alongside Bwindi Forest National Park. The sound from the Park will blow you off your feet. Using flashlights we explore trees and ground for Baboons, Pottoes, Bushbabies, Bats, Owls and if we are lucky we even spot a Golden Cat.

Plant a coffee tree.

You can plant your own coffee tree. We will map the exact position of your coffee tree and add it to Google map. Any harvest from the tree is free for you to come and pick. As this might not be possible for you we can take care of the work for you. Every year you will then receive two kg of coffee from your tree. You can at any time decide to stop receiving your coffee.

 Village walk.

Village walk. Let us arrange a village walk. The area has some stunning scenery. A guided walk will teach you what African village life is like. You will be introduced to gardens with different vegetables, banana, tea, and coffee plantations, meet the local healer, discover local alcohol brewing from bananas, and taste local specialties.



You can go to Buhoma, which is approximately a 40 minutes drive for the ultimate Batwa experience. Batwa also called Pygmies are the oldest tribe in the world. Batwa lived as hunters and gatheres inside Bwindi Forest until 1968 where the forest was nominated a National Park and they were evicted. The Batwa experience will teach you about their various cultural techniques for example making fire, cooking, mock hunting techniques, and how they live.

Bwindi Hospital.

Also in Buhoma you can pay a visit to the hospital, which is an eye-opening experience. The hospital is of a very good standard in Uganda and the staff is happy to give you a guided tour. They deal mainly with pregnancies and birth, malnutrition, and HIV/Aids. As the women are committed they will be thought to cook and grow nutritional food.

 Go Birding or Twitching.

With more bird species per square kilometre than anywhere else in the world. The birds that fly inside Bwindi Forest National Park also fly in the trees at Bwindi Forest Farm. Find yourself a hideout or simply relax yourself in our little bar and let yourself enjoy. This is a birders dream.

Local orphanage.

Pay a visit to the local orphanage. The orphanage loves to get visitors. They will greed you with traditional singing and dancing. And if you like to support the children you can buy their handicrafts.


You can also stay put at Bwindi Forest Farm and let us arrange a bow and arrow tournament challenging the local hunters. Compete against the local women in weeding.What about a soccer game with the kids at the local school? Just ask our manager.